Kim Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul Talk About “The Heirs” With “Instyle” Magazine

Kim Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul from “The Heirs” were featured in the December 2013 issue of “Instyle” magazine, sporting a mature look in oversized coats and suits rather than fancy school uniforms.

In an interview that followed, Kim Ji Won answered some questions about her role in “The Heirs,” revealing a thoughtful personality.

On playing an antagonist, she said, “My character seems bad on the outside, but she just expresses her affection as hate and she (Yoo Ra Hel) is a character that has to go through a lot of conflict and loneliness. And thanks to Rachel and her fancy outfits, I’m having really good time on set.”

She continued that she nearly has her script in-hand all the time, and that whenever she gets some free time, she is reading “The Moon and Sixpence” by William Somerset Maugham.

“On set, I’m the youngest, so I’m always on alert status. But, working with good-looking guys makes me plenty happy.”

When asked about her role model, Kim Ji Won said she wants to be like Natalie Portman. “Depending on the role, Natalie Portman’s personality disappears and she completely falls into her role. I want to have that kind of charismatic ability. Of course, to build up as much experience and knowledge, I still have a lot of studying to do.”

Kang Ha Neul talked about his fellow cast members: “Lee Min Ho is the oldest, then it’s me and Park Shin Hye, Woo Bin is pretty much our age, and everyone else is younger. Everyone’s really nice, so it’s a lot of fun on set when we get together. Since we are working with our peers, it really feels like school.”

Kang Ha Neul was on the prop team at his church as a child, and eventually he started doing plays. He said that he then went to an art school for acting, and that “it turned out my parents were both play actors, as well, so I had a strong little support group.”

Kang Ha Neul also revealed that his real name is Kim Ha Neul. “I have the same name, birthday, and even zodiac sign as the actress Kim Ha Neul. But I liked the name Ha Neul, so I just changed my surname.”

See more from Kim Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul in the December 2013 issue of “Instyle” magazine!

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