[Recap] Let My First Love Be My Last – We Got Married 112413

This week on “We Got Married,” Yoon Han introduces Lee So Yeon to his closest friends, Taemin and Son Na Eun celebrate their 200th day as a couple, and Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi have fun in Japan. 

Let my first love be my last – This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

(In case you missed it, check out last week’s recap – A Love Too Good to Be Real)


Last week, picture perfect couple Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon were producing beautiful photos for their wedding photo shoot. This episode was just a continuation of that photo shoot, and there’s not a whole lot of development. But I don’t mind because these two take really good photos. 

It seems like they spent the whole day taking photos because right when they’re done with one concept, they are whisked away to another area of the room for another. For one, Yoon Han has to pick Lee So Yeon up a few times, and she really enjoys it. Like a lot. They were just going to fake it, but then she kept suggesting he actually throw her around. I guess that one time when they were painting the house left her wanting more from her strong pianist. 

For most of the photo shoots, they are told to laugh loudly and then to get close. Yoon Han does his best to laugh or make So Yeon laugh, but he’s also really good at making things awkward. It wouldn’t be so awkward if he wasn’t enjoying it so much. Whether it be pulling her close, holding on to her waist, or leaning in for a fake kiss, he does everything with that silly smile of his. 

At least they’re both enjoying it.


Their theme was Moulin Rouge, and they need some help from wine to do take these sexy photos. With wine warming her up, Lee So Yeon gets into actress mode and doesn’t flinch when Yoon Han draws her closer. Yoon Han, however, keeps breaking the mood with his giggles and poorly timed snorts. 


Surprise! Yoon Han’s closest buddies have come to the photo shoot to make it even more awkward. After watching, with sly grins, one of their photo shoots, Yoon Han’s musically oriented friends join the couple for lunch. So Yeon didn’t know that they were coming, so she apologetically brings out the lunch she prepared for Yoon Han. It looks like a perfectly packed lunch from an adoring wife. Except, Yoon Han wonders when she had the time for this. She’s shooting her drama until late at night. So Yeon is so dedicated to this virtual marriage. Virtual, yes, that’s right. This isn’t real. Right?

So Yeon is nervous, honored, and excited to get to know Yoon Han’s friends. She asks them the questions we’ve been wanting to know and they all pretty much sum up to this: Is the Yoon Han we see on this show, the real Yoon Han? His friends sort of, not really, give an answer. They do say that he’s sharp and selective about the people who is allowed to get close to him. They also reveal that he doesn’t really introduce his girlfriends to them, because he’s a guy’s guy. Interesting.


For their final photo shoot, the photographer keeps telling them to kiss but they won’t do it! They get really close, but they still won’t kiss. In his interview Yoon Han says that he his satisfied with just holding hands or hugging. That’s great buddy, BUT WE’RE NOT SATISFIED. YOU TEASE. 

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Anyway, their parts ends with the two seriously talking about how confusing their relationship is. People keep telling them it seems like they are preparing for a real marriage, and So Yeon admits that even though she’s done wedding photo shoots before, this one feels different. Yoon Han even confesses that he is so confused. Welcome to the club. 

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Here are some screencaps from some of my favorite photos shown on the show. You can see more photos in our previous article about their photo shoot here




The best part of this Jeju Island trip that Taemin and Son Na Eun are on is that they are really enjoying themselves. Na Eun is laughing, all the time, and it makes me happy. The show spends like five minutes on Na Eun laughing at the way Taemin is gobbling up his kimbap. For some reason, she finds it hilarious. It’s moments like these when I really think that producers made the right choice in putting these two together. Taemin wants to be funny and Na Eun just laughs at almost everything. 

Na Eun does say that Taemin has gotten less funny through their relationship, but he’s back to being hilarious again. Maybe Taemin is only funny when he’s on Jeju Island. Does this mean this couple will go back to the island whenever the show’s ratings go down?


Nothing happened here. Really, nothing. They go for a walk and pet a cow. Then they have fish for dinner and the highlight of this section is when Na Eun carefully takes out all the bones for Taemin. Meanwhile, Taemin gives Na Eun a piece of fish and makes her choke because of all the little fish bones in them. Actually, that says a lot about this relationship.


They go back to the cafe they first met and reenact their awkward first meeting. Aw, I got nostalgic too. Their first meeting was my first recap. I took a quick break to read through my very first WGM recap, and boy, I was just as awkward as those two! Look how far they’ve come, and look how far I’ve come! I have these fancy collages now. Checking their date, wow, it was posted in April! It’s been eight months! I’ve been doing this for eight months! 

Right, this isn’t about me. This is about Taemin and Na Eun, who have been a couple for eight months. Taemin reveals that the special occasion they came to Jeju Island to celebrate is their 200th day anniversary (no mention of what happened to their 100th day). To “celebrate” he makes Na Eun take a test, about himself. Na Eun get’s 100% on the test, especially after describing Taemin as “My husband forever.” 

These kids have grown up a lot. I know some of you were worried that the two might be leaving the show soon since they went back to their first date, but I think we still have some time with them yet. Previews show the two getting married in a Korean traditional way, and EXO‘s Kai is one of the wedding guests. Plus…will we see them almost kiss?



Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi are taking a trip to Japan. They’ll stop by Osaka before heading over to Okinawa. Joon Young is full of confidence and drawls that Yoo Mi needs only to do whatever he says, because he’s got this. After all, he is the I-Can-Speak-A-Ton-Of-Languages guy. Yoo Mi has her doubts, but what can she do?

Joon Young is less confident on the plane when the they hit turbulence. Turns out the only time Joon Young is quiet is when he’s fighting motion sickness inside a bouncy plane.


I was so distracted by Joon Young’s hair during this segment. He just had two tufts of hair sticking out, and I wanted to push them down or call out for his stylist. I don’t even remember what happened here; I just remember those tufts of hair. 

Right, I think they decided to go to a temple in Kyoto to make wishes. They stop by a restaurant and Joon Young mutters out some ambiguous sounding Japanese. Yoo Mi starts to suspect that his Japanese is about as good as hers, but she’s distracted because she keeps losing to him in rock, paper, and scissors. 


They then go to WGM’s favorite store in Japan. It’s like a huge building with novelty gifts and the couple has fun trying on all the fun toys. Joon Young falls in love with those wicked shades, and refuses to take them off. After his store, they go to a geeky store full of figurines and spend about $100 on toys. 

When they walk along the river, it starts to rain, and they could have had a decently romantic moment if Joon Young hadn’t tried to reenact the super famous scene from the movie “The Classic” with his guitar case and his silly sunglasses.

Will Yoo Mi ever get a romantic moment from her husband? 

Probably not. 


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