Davichi Reveals They Don’t Have an Official Fan Club Yet

Talented female duo, Davichi, recently surprised viewers and netizens alike when they revealed they have yet to establish an official fan club. The pop-ballad duo made their debut back in 2008, so the news came as a surprise for many. 

On November 23, Davichi took home the 1st place trophy for newest single, “Letter” on the latest broadcast of MBC’s “Show! Music Core.” While giving their acceptance speech, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung said, “We never thought we would win this. Since we don’t have a fan club ourselves, we sort of assumed it. We hope you continue to like us and we’ll continue singing songs that you love.” 

Davichi’s agency, Core Contents Media confirmed, “Davichi’s fans have created their own fan cafe, but there is no official fan club. Since Davichi isn’t an idol group that would usually have a fan club, they’ve spent more time focusing on their music. They will work even harder than ever to bring you good music.”