Taemin Formally Proposes to Na Eun on “We Got Married”

On the November 23 episode of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married Season 4,” SHINee’s Taemin formally proposed to his wife, Son Na Eun (A-Pink), with a hand-written letter for their 200-day anniversary. “Will you marry me?” 

In an interview with the producers, Taemin said, “I’m so happy because someone pure like Na Eun is by my side. I couldn’t believe in the love forever that Na Eun wanted. But now I want to believe.”

On the reason why he proposed, he explained, “Now I want to think about marriage. The reason I wanted to go to Jeju Island was because I wanted to say this.”

However, their romantic vibe was spoiled by bugs. Taemin freaked out as soon as he saw a bug, and Na Eun just burst out laughing.

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