Kahi Reveals How She Maintains Her Perfect Abs

Solo artist Kahi is known for her beautifully carved abs, but like expected, maintaining them requires work.

The singer was a guest on November 24 broadcast of SBS’ “1000 Song Challenge” and revealed her know-how to having rock-hard abdomen muscles. MC Jang Yoon Jung opened the discussion by saying, “It is difficult for women to be cool, but I think Kahi is cool.” Guest Lee Hui Jae then asked Kahi if she took her 11-abs with her today. She confidently stated, “I have my 11-abs [11 refers to the sharp vertical lines bordering her abs, which look like the number 11] with me today as well.”
The idol also revealed a picture of she took of herself in front of the mirror. Showing off her sleek abs wearing tight tank top, the other guests could not stop admiring her strong but feminine body. Kahi said, “They are mine. I won’t return them,” and shared how she takes care of her body, “One month before a comeback I start exercising rigorously.”