Actress Fujii Mina Joins Sitcom “Potato Star” to Create Love Line with Julien Kang

Fujii Mina will be joining tvN’s daily sitcom “Potato Star” as a fixed cast member. 

The producer of the show announced on November 24, “Starting from the episode airing on November 27, actress Fujii Mina will appear on the sitcom.” To make the viewers even more excited, it was revealed that the Japanese actress will be caught up in a love line with the French-Canadian actor Julien Kang, making this an international romance.

“Fujii Mina will be playing the role of a Japanese woman who came to Korea after her loved one, but ends up with a broken heart. There are times when she is clumsy and completely lost, but it is difficult not to fall for the character,” the producer explained. As Julian (Julien Kang) moved to Korea to be together with his now ex-girlfriend Soo Young (Seo Ye Ji), this similar destiny of the two foreign characters will mark the beginning of a new love line.

Thanks to her doll-like appearance and fluent Korean skills, Fujii Mina has attracted the interest of the public, and through her praiseworthy acting in SBS’ “The King of Dramas” and her appearance in MBC’s “We Got Married: Global Edition,” she has proven to be not just a beautiful face, but an excellent actress. She shared her thoughts on joining the sitcom, “It feels like a dream to be casted for a sitcom by Korea’s sitcom master producer Kim Byung Wook. It is truly an honour.”

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