Sung Dong Il’s Real Son, Sung Joon, Cameos on “Reply 1994”

Actor Sung Dong Il’s son, Sung Joon, received much attention through his appearance on tvN’s Friday – Saturday drama, “Reply 1994.”

On the episode, which aired on November 23, Sung Joon appeared on the drama as Sung Dong Il’s late child “Sook Sook.”

It was the day of Na Jung’s (Go Ara) wedding. When the officiant’s message grew long, Sook Sook told his mother (Lee Il Hwa) he needed to go to the restroom. Lee Il Hwa asked Sung Dong Il to take Sook Sook to the restroom.

His face was not revealed until they returned from the restroom. However, when it was revealed, it aroused laughter from the viewers.

Sung Joon had a line saying, “My brother-in-law is the most handsome, but Dad! Where are we going?” hinting on the MBC variety program he is on with his father.

Meanwhile, on the episode, the love triangle between Na Jung, Trash (Jung Woo) and Chilbong (Yoo Yeon Seok) kicked into high gear. Moreover, Haitai (Son Ho Joon) began showing his affection for Na Jung.

 Reply 1994