IU Confirms Popularity by Raising the Ratings for “Hidden Singer 2”

Close your eyes and imagine IU singing one of her hit songs. Now, imagine that it’s not just IU, but several other people impersonating the singer. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 2” brought singer IU to participate, along with several of her impersonators, in trying to see who could guess the real IU amongst the voices of impersonators. The singer validated her popularity, as the episode of “Hidden Singer 2,” that aired on November 23, racked up a viewer rating of 5.515%. According to Nielson Korea, IU’s episode was an increase of more than 1.3% compared to last week’s episode with singer Yoon Do Hyun, which had the ratings of 4.198%.

IU’s episode revealed a strong competition between the singer and her impersonators when such songs as “Boo,” “Good Day,” and “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” were sung in each round. Furthermore, IU’s impersonators came from different backgrounds, from being a young student to being a foreigner. The episode ultimately accomplished its goal of surprising the audience, and having the viewers glued to their television.

JTBC’s “Hidden Singer” airs every Saturdays at 11PM KST.