Park Shin Hye’s Tearful Acting in “The Heirs” Earns Her a New Nickname

Through her acting on SBS’ Wednesday – Thursday drama “The Heirs,” Park Shin Hye earned a new nickname, “Shinhye-rella.”

In the drama, she plays the role of Cha Eun Sang, a girl who struggles in poverty but does not give up and lives her life fiercely. 

With her clear deer-like eyes and a sorrowful gaze she expresses sadness with various facial expressions. She bursts into tears when she reaches her limit, but she also shows fervor constantly getting back up to face against the difficulties. 

Park Shin Hye sheds more tears during the rehearsal of the scenes every time she prepares to cry in front of the camera. She brings her character into life as she explodes in sorrow. She delivers Eun Sang’s emotions as she builds her emotions to a climax.

A rep of Hwa and Dam Pictures, the production company behind the drama stated, “It seems Park Shin Hye’s ability to express emotions draws the viewers closer to Cha Eun Sang.”

The Heirs