“Infinity Challenge” Calendar Breaks Its Own Profit Record + Donation Details

The 2013 “Infinity Challenge” calendar broke its record of sales profit. 

On the show that aired on November 23, “Infinity Challenge” revealed the net profit earned from the sales of the calendar and the details of how the money will be used.

The total profit earned from the sales of the 2013 “Infinity Challenge” calendar was 870,614,710 won (approximately $820,220.05). It is the highest amount earned through the sales of the calendars.

The profit earned amounted to 103,500,000 won ($97,509) in 2008, 430,000,000 won ($405,110) in 2009, 619,930,000 won ($584,046) in 2010, 821,440,000 won ($773,892) in 2011 and 720,000,000 won ($678,324) in 2012.

“Infinity Challenge” plans to donate 100,000,000 won ($94,212) to facilities for environmental protection, 250,000,000 won ($234,529) as scholarships for low income elementary, middle school, and high school students, 120,000,000 won ($113,534) for people with hearing disabilities, and 400,000,000 won ($376,846) as scholarships for low income college students.

Meanwhile, the 2014 “Infinity Challenge” calendar went on sale on November 22 through various online shopping malls. It consists of three different designs: a desk calendar, a wall calendar, and a planner. “Infinity Challenge” logo sticker is included in the planner calendar.

The 2014 “Infinity Challenge” calendar was produced with a vintage concept relating to various episodes that were aired throughout the year. 

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