ZE:A’s Hyungsik and Taehun Turn into Fabulous Ladies for Their Concert

We all know that male idols like to dress up as women, and now ZE:A‘s Hyungsik and Taehun have jumped on the bandwagon.

On November 24, Hyungsik shared the photo on his Twitter with the caption, “Dressed up as women for the unit stage of our concert. It has been a hectic day so I am sorry that I couldn’t take care better care of our fans.. But I am uploading this picture hoping that it will make you feel better, even just a little bit! Like expected, dressing as women is not okay ㅠ”

In the picture, you can see the two members cutely posing for the camera and wearing styled wigs. Hyungsik in particular is looking very feminine with his long, brown hair, and his Twitter followers have been praising both his looks and his courage to reveal the picture.

Do you think they managed to pull off the look?