Joo Won Shares His College Dating Experience

Actor Joo Won shared a bit about his dating experience back in college. He’s no love expert, but the actor’s dating experience portrays the ideal young love.

During an interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” Joo Won revealed that he had experienced dating during his college years. The November 24 interview portrayed bits of the actor’s love story as he visited an all women’s college.

In regards to a question about love, the actor commented, “I have experienced my first love. It was a CC (campus couple). It was great to have the same classes together. The idea of a campus couple is romantic. Campus couples lie down on the grass together and eat packed lunch together.”

joo won cc

CC, also known as “campus couple,” is one of the popular fantasized romances; the ability to experience a sweet, innocent, young love during the college days causes many to treasure to memories of college love.

Joo Won’s experience of his campus love story is one that many fans may swoon about. The actor further expresses his thoughts on first love through his new movie “Catch Me.” The movie, featuring Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong, is set to release on December 12.