J.Tune Camp New Hip-hop Dup Pro C Releases Mysterious Teaser

MBLAQ’s agency J.Tune Camp will be putting out a new boy group in the first half of 2014, and they have just released a teaser video for the debut of the group’s rapper duo unit, Pro C. According to J.Tune Camp, “Pro C is an abbreviation of ‘Problem Children.’ The name carries the meaning of bad boys who know how to play hard.”

Pro C’s teaser video was unveiled at MBLAQ’s Global Tour Concert in Seoul on November 23.

The duo are shrouded in mystery, and throughout the video, neither of their faces were actually revealed, either blurred out or kept in the dark.

While we don’t know what they actually look like, the boys’ powerful movements are enhanced by the use of spotlights and silhouettes, producing a charismatic image which has certainly been enough to catch the eyes of the public.

The use of vivid imagery has undoubtedly been well thought out, as the video begins with the boys stepping into the spotlight, becoming one. The text encircling the duo’s name, Pro C, contain terms such as ‘Fashion,’ ‘Hiphop,’ ‘Band,’ ‘Play Hard,’ ‘Free’ and ‘Performance,’ promises of what the duo aims to represent, and the multi-faceted polyhedron which brings everything together breaks into a million shards at the end.

Towards the end of the video, we get a logo, which looks like a red space monkey with fangs, and the rapper duo’s unit title, Pro C, along with a 10-second audio teaser of their debut track, “Bad Memory,” featuring singer K. Will’s vocals.

Pro C will release debut with “Bad Memory,” featuring K. Will, on November 28.

Check out Pro C’s exciting teaser below!