Goo Hye Sun Partners with Hong Kong Magazine for a Beautiful Pictorial

Goo Hye Sun is not only multi-talented, but her beauty reflects in every situation.

On November 24, YG Entertainment released the actress’ photoshoot with Hong Kong’s “MR” magazine. The released images show the actress styled in different outfits. With the different colors and vibe, Goo Hye Sun is able to successfully embrace new and bold concepts. Whether it’s staring at the camera, posing on a couch, or leaning against the wall, the actress digests every outfit and look. The partnership with the Hong Kong magazine validates Goo Hye Sun’s ability to exhibit her beauty and aura in different situations.

goo hye sun mr 2

Recently, Goo Hye Sun has been busy with the upcoming release of her new movie “Dah Woo Duh.” The multi-talented actress has once again grabbed the megaphones, producing, writing, and acting her upcoming film. “Dah Woo Duh” is a psychological film that follows the corrupted relationship between an oppressively punishing mother and her suffering daughter. The new film will be released next year.

goo hye sun mr

Goo Hye Sun, we hope you continue to display both your beauty and talent in all that you do!