Ailee’s Request for Police Investigation into Photo Scam Confirmed

It has been confirmed by a Korean-American news outlet that Ailee (Lee Ye Jin) did, in fact, file a police report at the Palisades Park Police Department after she was scammed into sending nude photos of herself to an alleged underwear company four years ago. A couple of weeks ago when the existence of these photos were made public, Ailee’s agency made an official statement regarding the photos of her pre-debut and also took legal action in order to find and take action against the perpetrator by hiring a U.S. lawyer.

As the photo of the Palisades Park Investigation Report shows in a report by a Korean-American news outlet, Ailee visited the police station in person on August 12, 2009 to request a formal investigation. The document shows part of Ailee’s Korean name (Lee Ye Jin). The document also indicates the address of her residence while she was living in New Jersey as well as her date of birth.

According to the investigation report written through Ailee’s testimony, the incident took place five days prior to her request on August 7, 2009 at approximately 3 – 6 A.M. Ailee was chatting with her friend “K”(female, age 20 at the time) on Facebook. “K” advised Ailee to send about 50 nude photos to a third party who went by the ID “CLG********,” and Ailee followed the advice without any suspicion.

However, Ailee later found out the friend she was chatting with actually turned out to be the person who hacked “K’s” Facebook account. “K” told Ailee, “I never requested for any nude photos, and in 2009, my Facebook account was hacked that I had to change my password at least four times.” It ended up being that Ailee sent nude photos of herself to the hacker who was posing as her friend on her Facebook.

This supports YMC Entertainment’s statement claiming Ailee “sent the photos for an accurate examination” per request from the underwear company. It has also been revealed the Palisades Park Police Department strongly advised Ailee to delete all the photos and make a claim to the Facebook Fraud Department.