DICKPUNKS Bids Farewell in Teaser for “Hello Goodbye” Album

On November 25, “Super Star K Season 4″ runner-up, DICKPUNKS, released the teaser for its new track title track through its agency, TNC Company’s, official YouTube channel. The track is the title song on their new mini album, “Hello Goodbye.”

The teaser begins with a sorrowful piano melody followed with images of an empty house. The band’s vocalist Kim Tae Hyun expresses the sadness and longing of having to say good-bye with his warm voice. At the end of the teaser, the silhouettes of the members are shown inside a room that is dimly lit from the light coming in through the window. 

Hello Goodbye Track List

Prior to the release of the teaser, the band also revealed the track list to its new mini album consisting of seven tracks. The title track was co-written by singer songwriter Shim Hyun Bo and the band. The remaining tracks were all composed and written by the band members.

The album is being anticipated especially since the band is returning with a ballad track contrary to the exciting performances it has shown before. DICKPUNKS’ new mini album “Hello Goodbye” will be released on November 27.