Suzy Reveals Her Favorite Food for Staying in Shape

miss A member Suzy recently shared a tip on how she likes to stay fit. 

On the latest broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Hello,” special guests Sung Si Kyung, Suzy, and CNBLUE‘s Lee Jung Shin were invited as part of their third anniversary special episode. 

Another guest on the show was a female in her twenties, who voiced concern for her friend who consumed an alarming quantity of herbal tonic tea drinks. “My friend consumes at least 10 herbal tonic tea drinks everyday. She even puts it in her ramen and coffee.”

On the subject of consuming particular foods for maintaining figures, the emcees asked Suzy if she had any special recipes or foods for accomplishing just that.

“Just like that friend who consumes a lot of herbal tonic tea, I consume yogurt drinks like water. Maybe that’s why I don’t encounter many digestion issues,” she revealed.

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