The Gloss Announces Debut As Three Members Without Sol-E

The Gloss is making their debut soon as a new three-member group!

The girls released a clip announcing their plans on November 21 on their official YouTube account!

Formerly consisting of four members, The Gloss is now comprised of members Grace, Liz and Olivia, with the departure of Sol-E due to health problems. They are an international girl band with one member from Korea, one from USA, and another one from France.

The Gloss will be performing their first showcase on November 30 at the Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris, France. Tickets have already been sold out, but many seats will be available on standby for those who wait in line before the show starts. 

On November 25, The Gloss released their first single album through Genie, Naver Music, Melon and more.

Check out their official Facebook page for more information on upcoming activities, song releases, free demo downloads, future concerts and more.