Younha Releases Final “Subsonic” Teaser for Fans

Talented vocalist Younha has kept fans on their toes with exciting new teasers to mark her comeback with the release of “It’s Alright” off of her newest mini album, “Subsonic” on November 26! 

The most recent teaser features Younha riding on a mystical whale toward the moon, and continues a fantastical journey through the woods and the evening sky. The teaser clip was released on November 25 and marked as for “only fans.” The teaser clip is the last of the promotions for Younha’s “It’s Alright” before its official release on November 26.

According to sources, the song “It’s Alright” is dedicated to the heartbroken as a message of encouragement during the cold wintery season. 

Younha will be making her hotly anticipated comeback after promoting second mini album, “Just Listen” this past May!