BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon Picks His Ideal Type Between “Let’s Eat” Co-Stars Lee Soo Kyung and Yoon So Hee

At a recent press conference held for tvN’s newest drama, “Let’s Eat,” Doojoon was asked to describe his ideal type. 

On November 25, the cast and staff gathered to discuss the details of the drama, their characters and other interesting information. When BEAST member and actor Yoon Doojoon was asked to pick his ideal type between female co-stars Lee Soo Kyung and Yoon So Hee, he replied, “Lee Soo Kyung is the closest to my ideal type. Yoon So Hee covers her face a lot, but Lee Soo Kyung doesn’t.” 

He continued, “Lee Soo Kyung and I share the same stylist team, I get to hear lots about her, and it seems like we have similar personalities. She’s older than me, but since she’s so lively and thoughtful, I have a great time shooting scenes with her.” 

In related news, “Let’s Eat” will air it’s first episode on November 28!

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