Crayon Pop Talks About Their Helmets

Girl-group Crayon Pop recently discussed their signature helmet fashion on QTV’s “20th Century Handsome Boys.”

The members said, “Usually when we’re shooting for a show, we’re told to wear the helmets. If we have them off, the writers of the show will write on their cue cards telling us to put them on.” 

At this, the hosts Moon Hee Joon and Eun Ji Won asked if it’s not hard to wear helmets during the entire filming time, and told Crayon Pop that it’s okay to take off the helmets during their show. The members replied, “This is the first time that our whole team has appeared on a talk show, and it’s also the first time that someone has told us to take the helmets off.”

Crayon Pop member Choa revealed that the helmets were her idea, and that their CEO was really surprised at the idea, saying that they had even tried on motorcycle helmets in addition to the scooter helmets that they are wearing now.

“Honestly, it was embarrassing when people would stare at us at the TV broadcasting stations.”

See more of Crayon Pop on “20th Century Handsome Boys” on November 26!

Last week, Crayon Pop won best new female artist at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their special joint stage of “The Fox Say Bar Bar Bar” with Ylvis also gained a lot of popularity.