Discloser of “K-Pop Star 3” Contestant Kim Eun Joo’s Bullying Stories Express Fear

While requests for “K-Pop Star 3” contestant Park Eun Joo to be dropped from the show are continuing to pour in, one particular anonymous netizen has expressed concern and fear over the matter.

Kim Eun Joo appeared on the first episode of “K-Pop Star 3,” which aired on November 24 and sang Beyonce‘s “If I Were A Boy,” and receiving positive reviews from the judges. However, as soon as the episode aired, stories Kim Eun Joo’s past have been circulating the web.

A particular netizen “A” initially posted stories of Kim Eun Joo’s bullying such as putting cookies in her mouth then spitting it out to a girl’s face, using violence, taking money and goods from others and more. “A” revealed that this has led to Kim Eun Joo being expelled from school. According to “A”s email to a particular news agency, if Kim Eun Joo didn’t like someone, she brought twenty of her friends to bully that particular person.

“A” also revealed that Kim Eun Joo drinks, smokes and posts strange things to her SNS account such as photos of hurting herself. “A” says, “There are a lot of people who were bullied by Kim Eun Joo. I’m so mad that that kind of girl is receiving praise and having a fan cafe created for her. Thinking of Kim Eun Joo smiling and appearing on TV makes me laugh out of ridiculousness.”

After this has become a big issue, “A” has been said to be in contact with a certain news agency and expressed her fear. She said, “Please help me stay anonymous. What I wrote is all true and is even worse.”

“A” revealed that she wasn’t a direct victim but was indirectly affected. She said, “Every time I saw Kim Eun Joo, I got so mad and I was so sad and sorry for the direct victims because I couldn’t do anything for them. After I posted that initially, the whole school was noisy. I’m so scared. I’m scared that I will get hurt. I didn’t know revealing the truth was this scary.”

Besides “A”s post, many other anonymous posts were made, claiming that they were direct victims of Kim Eun Joo’s bullying. They said things like, “Dear Eun Joo, whose dream was to become the number one gangster of Mapo, I hope your dream has changed,” and “I wrote several statements on suffering injuries from being violently bullied by Kim Eun Joo in school,” and “Because of Kim Eun Joo, the School Violence Committee came together and she was even expelled.”

It has been reported that Kim Eun Joo used to go to “D” Middle School in Seoul but has been expelled and transferred to a neighboring school.

“D” Middle School sources commented, “It is true that Kim Eun Joo was enrolled in our school and transferred out last year. I cannot tell you anything other than that since it is personal information. Since Kim Eun Joo is a young student, I hope you steer her in the direction that will help her.”

The “K-Pop Star 3” staff members commented, “We are in the process of asking Kim Eun Joo about this matter. Because she is young, we are being very careful.”

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