Voting for the Final Round of Soompi Ulzzang Contest Begins!


It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. We’ve whittled down a whopping 800+ contestants to only 14 girls and 12 guys, and the competition is legit. 

Our sponsor Nega Network, home of Brown Eyed Girls, Lunafly, and LC9,  decided to use their special “Save” option on five girls and one guy from Round 3 – a big congrats to Soompiers CYURI, Carollam94, mzannie, stephaniegx, jyurie, and liyondlai. Curiously enough, several people did not submit their final photo & video for Round 4 – we’ve never seen that happen before! Perhaps they got scared away by the video requirement?

To be honest, we were all a little worried about adding the video component this year, since we had no idea what the entries would be like. Would there be any talent or charisma behind these pretty faces? I think people will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy the creativity and skills of our finalists (I’m really proud of you guys!).

Props to everyone who entered from the very first round – it takes guts to put yourself out there. Best of luck to our final 26 contestants.