[Updated] Another “Top Star A” Caught Up in Propofol Scandal, Prosecutors Deny Investigation

The investigation against celebrity propofol use has not ended. Yet another celebrity, a top star more popular than Lee Seung Yeon and Park Shi Yeon, has been suspected of illegal propofol use.

The Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors’ Office is carrying out an intensive investigation against celebrity “A” on charges of habitual use of propofol, an anaesthetic drug that is considered a drug of abuse when used inappropriately. Just when you thought the propofol issue was laid to rest, the industry looks like it’s about to take another hit with the introduction of a new suspect.

The prosecution began its extensive investigation into the celebrities who were abusing propofol, related hospitals, and parties involved early this year. First to be charged were actresses Park Shi Yeon, Lee Seung Yeon and Jang Mi In Ae, who were found guilty of drug abuse, receiving eight-month prison sentences, probation sentences of two years, as well as given fines. The case was concluded on November 25.

In the process of their investigation, the prosecution caught “A” for illegal administration and habitual abuse of propofol. “A” has received a considerable number of injections, so it is likely that “A” may be dependent on the drug.

“A” has a favorable image and and has enjoyed a lot of popularity and support from the public. “A” has a robust image and is very active in the entertainment, so depending on the results of the investigation, this is likely to be a huge shock.

There seems to be more than just “A’s” reputation at stake here though. As investigations into “A” are becoming known, broadcasters are becoming nervous. While “A” shuttles between the broadcasting companies for activities, the respective program production teams are cautiously keeping one eye on developments. According to one broadcaster’s representative on November 26, “Top executives at the company know that ‘A’ is under investigation.”

Update: The prosecution is denying reports that top star “A” is undergoing investigation for propofol abuse. They dismissed the report earlier on November 27 by News1, in which a prosecution representative was quoted as saying that top star “A” had been questioned at the prosecution office for suspected propofol abuse, stating that it was falsely reported.

The prosecution told the press, “No famous celebrity was investigated. We have no plans to carry out further investigations.”

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