Kim Woo Bin Transforms His Hairstyle

Kim Woo Bin is about to show off a new hairstyle on “The Heirs”.

On the November 27 episode of the show, playing the role of the loveable “bad boy” Choi Young Do, Kim Woo Bin is set to change his trademark gelled and parted hairstyle. He is going with the “bangs down” look, which is a change from an intense cut to a more refined and chic style.

Another released image from the show shows him walking leisurely away from a collection of his bodyguards while wearing a helmet. It certainly should stimulate the curiosity of the viewers. Woo Bin looks relaxed and confident while the bodyguards are a tangled mess.

According to the production crew, this scene is part of a surprise event involving a character that cannot be predicted by the audience. You can catch the broadcast at 10pm (KST) on Wednesday, November 27.