Trouble Maker’s Couple Hoodie Causes Trouble

Trouble Maker is causing quite a bit of trouble with their couple hoodies, with netizens being inflamed by what looks to be an image of the Japanese imperialist rising sun. Their agency apologized, stating, “We apologize for not exercising more caution.”

A representative from Cube Entertainment spoke to OSEN on November 27, “The picture on Trouble Maker’s hoodies is not of the rising sun flag but supposed to be of flower buds. However, we understand why there might be misunderstandings, and we are sorry for not being more careful and meticulous about it.”

The trouble started when SBS MTV “The Show” uploaded a picture of the duo in couple hoodies on November 26, tweeting, “Purify your eyes with a picture of Trouble Maker, who showed us a wild stage on today’s ‘The Show.’”

Trouble Maker took a friendly shot together, with fresh make-up free faces. What caught the attention of netizens were the matching couple hoodies, with what resembled the rising sun flag on the front. On closer examination, the woman in the picture looks like she is holding up a flag, and the tip ends in a flower bud. However, since the colors are red and white, at first glance, it could easily be mistaken for the rising sun flag.

Trouble Maker are in the middle of their promotions for “Now.”

Troublemaker Couple Hoodie