Nine Muses is Coming Back with “Glue,” Suitable for Audiences 25 and Over?

Girl group Nine Muses is about to make their fourth comeback this year, as they have just revealed a teaser for “Glue.”

Their upcoming digital single titled “Glue” will be released on December 4, but to give the fans a taste of their concept, a teaser picture was shared on the group’s official Facebook page on November 27. It is certainly one hot teaser with a bold red background and sharp white letters, but the attention is immediately drawn to the small cropped photo of lips, which seem to be leaning in for a kiss. The number 25 placed strategically right between the lips represents the recommended audience for the girls’ comeback that, according to the representatives, is 25 and over! 

For the time being, we only wonder how much sexier the girls can even get anymore. The group’s agency Star Empire Entertainment revealed, “‘Glue’ will once again highlight Nine Muses’ trademark beautiful, sexy, and confident image.”

Stay tuned for the single release on December 4 at noon (KST)!

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