F.T. Island Keeps Promise and Buys Chicken for Student Fans

The five members of F.T. Island, Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Hong Gi, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan, and Song Seung Hyun, kept their promise with their student fans. 

On November 11, F.T. Island announced through a video on their official Facebook page, “We’re going to buy chicken for students who are preparing for the college entrance exam.” F.T. Island kept its promise and bought 100 chickens. Students who received the delicious snacks sent in photos of themselves receiving and eating the chicken confirming the members are men of their words.

Members of F.T. Island commented, “We wanted to do some kind of event for the students who studied hard in preparation for the college entrance exam, so we promised to buy 100 chickens. We hope everyone will receive good results.” 

Meanwhile, F.T. Island released its fifth mini album, “The Mood,” which includes “Madly,” “I Can’t Have You,” “The Way Into You,” and “Siren.” The album includes three tracks written and composed by the members.

F.T. Island