Sam Hammington Gives Hyorin a Back Hug

Sistar’s Hyorin held her comeback showcase on November 26 at the Ilji Art Hall in Seoul. The host for the event was comedian Sam Hammington.

Hyorin posted on Sistar’s official Twitter account saying, “The showcase went well. Thank you to all of the reporters who came and all of the staff who worked hard to make this happen. Thank you so much! This is a snapshot with Sam oppa~ Sam oppa, thank you so much! I won’t forget this favor for the rest of my life. Please continue showing your support for Hyorin.” The Tweet was posted with a photo.

In the photo, Hyorin and Sam Hammington are smiling brightly at the camera. He is giving her a back hug as they portray an image of an amiable pair of brother and sister.