Heo Young Saeng Greets Fans with a Letter and Photos from Military Camp

Pictures of SS501 member Heo Young Saeng in the army and a hand-written letter to his fans have been revealed.

In the beginning of November, a picture of the platoon that Heo Young Saeng belongs to was uploaded on Nonsan Military Training Center‘s homepage. Posing in the middle of the trainees, he is looking bright and sharp in his military uniform. His healthy-looking skin and gentle smile are drawing the fans’ attention, and the idol’s healthy-looking complexion ensures that he is adjusting well to the military environment. 

Through his official home page, a hand-written letter was shared with the fans. He writes, “Just two days after coming here, I have gotten close with the squad members, so I am having a fun and cheerful time. Also, people younger than me listen to me well, and I am very thankful for that.” About the food offered in the camp cafeteria, he says, “Like PSY said on a TV show, it is delicious. It is a lot more tasty than I thought. I doubt I will be losing weight easily.” 

Heo Young Saeng enlisted back in October, and is currently nearly finished with four weeks of basic training. He will soon start working as a soldier and serve for 21 months.

heo young saeng

heo young saeng