Ahreum Leaves Mysterious Instagram Posts About Being Possessed By a Ghost?

Former T-ara member Ahreum has opened up about rumors of her being sick through a series of Instagram posts.

On November 27, she posted, “I will reveal the truth behind the rumors of being sick that surrounded me. No one knows but the son that my aunt never had possessed me for a bit.”

She claimed that she is an actual person who goes through the things in the past drama, “Master’s Sun” and that she has known about the existence of ghosts since middle school. She also claims to have saved a friends life through a seance in the past.

She continued, “Ghosts are precious superstitions. When we die, we become ghosts too so why are you afraid of yourselves! Today will pass and tomorrow will come so let’s just smile and hold hands in a circle.”

Ahreum also confessed her inner pain by saying, “If I were to keep being depressed and not cool, I would have already died! Although it does hurt because I can’t die since that’s just who I am. If I realized that 20 is the peak and the age to smile and shine, I would have quickly found positive energy and happiness…”

In the end, Ahreum made a reference to a childhood cartoon movie and said, “Everyone, try falling into your memories~”

The video she posted contained footage of her pet dog, a screen that had the words, “I am the god of Mi. Mi of beauty” as well as her face. “Mi” can also mean “unfinished” in Korean.

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Ahreum seems to be mentioning this rumor of being sick since that is what several news agencies reported when she left T-ara in the past. However, Core Contents Media revealed that Ahreum being sick was not the reason for her departure.

But Ahreum has been posting some mysterious things onto her Instagram over the past few months, which led to the rumors of her being sick to start up again.

Many netizens have expressed concern over Ahreum’s cryptic posts and wondered if she needs to receive help.

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