T-ara’s Boram Is a Living Doll in Teaser Image for “What Should I Do?”

After releasing Jiyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin’s teaser photos, T-ara has released Boram‘s teaser photo for their upcoming track, “What Should I Do?

In the teaser photos Boram looks doll-like with her porcelain skin, big bright eyes, and sharp nose. In one photo she looks at her pretty reflection in the mirror. In another set of photos, she wears a rank handkerchief on her head while playing with an apple.

Just yesterday, the group released their first teaser video and announced that they would be holding a special screening of their music video on the big screen.

“What Should I Do?” is the main track from T-ara’s mini album, “Again 1977.” The music video will be released on December 2.