Hyorin Reveals Hot Choreography Version of “One Way Love”

If you hoped to see more of the seductive dance moves for Hyorin‘s “One Way Love,” your wish has just been fulfilled!

On November 28, a choreography version of “One Way Love” was uploaded on Starship Entertainment‘s YouTube channel. In the video, you can see Hyorin and her group of back dancers showing off the hot choreography. Despite them being in a practice room, it feels like they could be performing to a music show crowd. The high heels and casually sexy outfits help emphasize their feminine charm, and their perfectly harmonious performance proves how much they must have practiced beforehand. Like dance versions of Sistar’s videos always tend to be, this one is a true treat for the fans.

After releasing her first full-length solo album “Love&Hate” on November 26, Hyorin has been highly successful on the charts, recording an all-kill and staying at the top of the charts. “One Way Love” is one of her double title tracks, the other one being “Lonely.” She has proven that her husky voice and great dancing skills are enough to help her shine also as a solo artist.

Take a look at the video below!