J.Tune Camp’s New Boy Group’s Unit Pro C Debuts with “Bad Memory” Feat. K.Will

A new boy group will be joining MBLAQ at J.Tune Camp, and their rapper unit Pro C debuted with the music video for “Bad Memory” featuring singer K.Will. The music video was shared through the agency’s official YouTube channel.

Pro C is a duo made up of the new unnamed boy group’s rappers: Moos and Buffy. Their song, “Bad Memory,” is a trendy acoustic hip hop song that showcases the duo’s rap talents. Popular vocalist K.Will participated in this duo’s debut with his vocals making up the smooth chorus. The music video keeps things mysterious by not showing Moss and Buffy’s faces. 

A representative of J.Tune Camp said about this debut, “Pro C is a unit from our upcoming boy group who has been preparing for their debut next year. Pro C stands for ‘Problem Children’ and the duo will show a strong image to get people excited about the group’s debut.” 

pro c