[Concert Recap] Infinite Beautifully Wraps Up

In November, boy group Infinite embarked on the US leg of their “One Great Step” world tour, beautifully bringing their time in the US to an end with an unforgettable show in NYC. What a rollercoaster night – one filled with tears, laughter, and the undying quench for more. Read on for our full (and detailed) recap of the concert!

The excitement of the fans was evident in the air, hours before the start of the concert. As more and more people began taking over the entire Hammerstein ballroom floor, screams of anticipation could be heard echoing through the venue, while teasers of the show to come played repeatedly on the large screens.

The lights dimmed and seven shadows emerge, each striking a pose behind a large, white screen. All of a sudden, the curtains fell, and the seven members of Infinite began swaying powerfully to the music, as they prepare to get into formation. On the final note, all members but L drop to the floor, cuing the beginning of “Destiny.”


Infinite’s charismatic presence became too much for some fans to bear, as a wave of deafening screams overtook the venue. Unfazed, Infinite continued with “Tic Tock,” perfectly on point with every step of every move. As if to answer the prayers of the fangirls in the crowd, the next song, “Paradise,” had the members stripping off their jackets, standing on stage in front of thousands of fans in their fitted black tank tops.

Flawlessly, the boys then treated the crowd to “Wings,” and with the help of chairs, “Inception.” Finally getting a break to greet the fans formally with their cute English, Infinite expressed their happiness to see the Inspirits in person, but sadly remarked that it was their last show in the United States. Unfortunately, the intensity of the concert caused many fans to faint on the standing room floor, arousing concern from the members. Member Dongwoo took time out of his introduction to tell fans to be careful, reassuring the crowd: “Take it easy! We’re here a long time.”


Immediately, the boys proceeded with “Can U Smile” and “Going to You” before retreating off-stage to make way for small group performances. Up first, members Sungjong and Sungyeol donned their best DJ personas, and had the crowd on their feet for their rendition of “1/3.” The two then passed the baton to Infinite H members Hoya and Dongwoo, whose energetic live performance of “Victorious Way,” to the delight of fans, included a dance battle between the two of the best dancers in Infinite. The boys gladly slowed down the pace with their next song, sweetly pointing out members of the crowd as their “Special Girl.”

Briefly reappearing back on stage, the completed Infinite melted the hearts of fans with a medley of “That Year’s Summer” and “I Like You,” pouring their emotions wholeheartedly into the songs. Not forgetting to provide the fans with plenty of fanservice, the members then each threw out into the crowd baskets of plushies and autographed paper airplanes (some even made it to the upper balconies!), making sure that some fans in the front row received one by personally stuffing it into their outreached hands.


Next up, L, accompanied by a large teddy bear, appeared on a bench for “Love U Like You,” injecting the performance with many aegyo moments. Woohyun then treated Inspirits on the upper levels to a special surprise, as he appeared on first balcony to propose to a lucky fan and personally sing her “Beautiful.” Back on central stage, crowd-favorite Sungkyu delivered a powerful rendering of an orchestra version of his solo venture “60 Seconds,” making for one of the most vocally-enticing sets of the night. The seven members reconvened for “Still I Miss You” and “Mother,” combining together their voices in perfect harmony.

After a brief recess backstage, the members greeted the audience with “Nothing’s Over,” “Entrust,” and “Cover Girl,” taking the time out to really connect with fans. The boys posed for fancams, took selcas with some fans’ phones, and had fun teasing the other members while jumping around on stage. Despite being plagued with exhaustion as the end of the concert neared, Infinite nevertheless tried to put on a memorable show, showering the audience with love in “Be Mine.”


Before the Dawn” was next – as the song continued, anticipation was rising for its notorious dance move, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats and on their tiptoes.  All of a sudden, the music stops. For the next second, all could be heard were the abated breaths of fans lingering in the air.

Then, perfectly synchronized and not even breaking a sweat, the boys effortlessly performed the much-awaited Scorpion, bringing the crowd back to its usual frenzy.

It was the official end of the show. As the closing numbers of “Man in Love” and “The Chaser” greeted the audience, Infinite quickly disappeared offstage, plunging the Hammerstein into darkness. Little by little, fans’ chants of “Come Back” in Korean begin to resonate, until the whole venue was filled by the audience’s cries for more.


On center stage, one loud voice rings out: “Come Back Again,” welcoming the boys back on stage. Grateful, Infinite expressed their gratitude once again for having the opportunity to perform in New York City, remarking that “there are no words to describe what [they] feel right now.” Their final greetings were heartfelt, and several members looked teary-eyed (except member Dongwoo, who was sobbing) as they began to close out the concert, promising to come back in the future. Hilariously, Sungyeol also tells the crowd: “If you ever cheat on us, I will chase you to the end of the world!”


As the night comes to an end “Hysterie” and “With,” the crowd seems to be in a daze. The concert, wildly successful because the unbounded energy and the never-ending will of Infinite to please the fans, closed on a hopeful note. Bound by an engaging plot and premise (the members, through videos scattered throughout the concert, were revolting against a dystopian society in which music is forbidden and have to rescue L, who has been captured), the concert seemed to have prefaced Infinite’s future success, with their efforts paying off most recently at the MAMA 2013 as they clenched prizes for Worldwide Performer and Best Male Group.


Currently, Infinite is still on their “One Great Step Tour” in Europe, their next stop on December 1st in Paris. If you have a chance, be sure to catch them performing live!

We also like to give a special thank you and shout-out to United Inspirits of America, who helped us pass out I Love K-Pop buttons and stickers at the NYC concert! Be sure to join them for more events, projects, and more!

Images include Infinite’s “One Great Step” tour in Maryland and NYC, and are courtesy of CJ E&M.

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