Tiffany and Bora Put on Bright Smiles Together on the Set of “Fashion King Korea”

Tiffany of Girls’ Generation and Bora of SISTAR, who are in a friendly competition against each other on SBS’ “Fashion King Korea,” displayed their close friendship through a photo.

Tiffany and Bora recently had photos taken together for a “Best Friends Special” to be featured in a fashion magazine. The production staff gave a sneak peak of the two lovely ladies’ photo shoot through posting a selca on “Fashion King Korea” official Facebook page. The two are loved for their individual charms; however, they show a similar vibe inside the photo.

The two stars are starring in “Fashion King Korea,” where a celebrity and a designer form one team and compete against other teams to remain as the last ones standing. Although they compete against each other in order to survive through the rounds on the show, Tiffany and Bora are said to be close friends. At the show’s production presentation, Tiffany and Bora expressed their excitement for the show saying, “We are close friends, and we go over to each other’s houses. We are so happy to be on the show together.”

Their selca confirmed their close friendship as they posed for the camera like sisters, and fans were delighted to see the photo.

Meanwhile, “Fashion King Korea” stars Tiffany, Bora, Yoon Gun, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Na Young, metal craftsman Lim Dong Wook, visual artist Chu Mi Rim as well as other designers. The second episode of the show will air on December 1 at 12:10 PM on SBS.