Lim Kim Displays Her Warm Voice in “Say Love” Acoustic Version

Grab a blanket and light up a candle because Lim Kim’s soothing voice will warm your heart through the winter night. Lim Kim released a new video of her live performance for the acoustic version of “Say Love.”

Lim Kim’s agency, Mystic89, released a new clip of the singer performing a new rendition of “Say Love.” Featured in her first full album, “Goodbye 20,” the original version of “Say Love” has an upbeat tone, complimented by Lim Kim’s soulful voice.

Yet, the video for the acoustic version of the song shows how a guitar and keyboard is enough to shine the singer’s voice throughout the night. Set in a wooden studio with a fire pit in the center, the video for “Say Love” acoustic version exhibits how Lim Kim’s soulful and soft voice can bring rest to a busy mind.

“Say Love” is track featured on the singer’s first full album, “Goodbye 20,” which was released on November 18.

Check out the acoustic version of “Say Love,” and get ready to be mesmerized by the vocals and the instrumental melodies. 

Acoustic version of Lim Kim’s other songs, including “Colorring” and “Rain” were also shared and you can check them out here