tvN’s “Nunas Over Flowers uploaded their second poster picture on their official Facebook page on November 28, along with the text, “Would you like to go on vacation with me?” The poster depicts the cast of nunas and Lee Seung Gi sitting on a flight of stairs in the course of their vacation.

There’s a leisurely lazy atmosphere. Everyone is holding a cup of coffee while sitting comfortably on the steps. The four nunas, Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Mi Yeon, have all eyes on Seung Gi, and have satisfied looks on their faces, while Seung Gi appears to be looking intently at his map.

Croatia provides a warm backdrop for this “Nunas Over Flowers” poster. The steps the cast is seated on seems to continue on forever, while textured brick buildings flanking the steps rise on both sides, while the warm sunshine beats down from behind, producing an image of European tranquility.

The text on this poster is the same as the text in the first poster. It features lyrics from Lee Seung Gi’s song “Because You’re My Woman,” “After getting to know you, you’re just a tender-hearted woman,” to express the sensibilities of the nunas. Above Lee Seung Gi’s head, the words “luggage boy” are crossed out, only to be replaced by the word “luggage.”

The first poster released earlier, features the cast in the same outfits. Kim Hee Ae, Lee Mi Yeon and Yoon Yeo Jung are perched on the brick wall overlooking a river, while Lee Seung Gi and Kim Ja Ok stand beside them. They’ve got smiles on their faces as they exchange jokes with one another.

"Nunas Over Flowers" Poster 2
"Nunas Over Flowers" Poster 1
The “Nunas Over Flowers” team also put up character introductions on their Facebook page. Yoon Yeo Jung is the eldest nuna, and she’s described as being prickly but doesn’t hold grudges, and while she has a sharp tongue, she’s got a charming frankness about her. Kim Ja Ok is nuna number two, she would rather be a girl than a princess, and she’s got a positive outlook in life. Kim Hee Ae comes next, and she looks like a poised lady, but she’s unexpectedly a bit of a heodang (like Seung Gi), like someone out of “Alice in Wonderland.” Maknae nuna Lee Mi Yeon, once (?!) an icon of innocence, now buffers her enthusiasm with pilates… excessively! Finally, we have Lee Seung Gi, all it says is “….Run away….”

“Nunas Over Flowers” follows “Grandpas Over Flowers,” and will feature the backpacking adventures of Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae, Lee Mi Yeon and Lee Seung Gi. The first episode airs on November 29.

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