Former KARA Member Nicole Might Be Starting a Bakery in Japan

On November 28, Japan’s representative weekly magazine Josei Jisin (女性自身) reported that after Nicole left KARA, she was planning on studying abroad in the states and starting a bakery in Shibuya in Japan.

According to the report, while Nicole was negotiating with her agency DSP about re-signing, in the end, they couldn’t reach an agreement and the former KARA member just left. 

Josei Jisin reported, “[Nicole stated that] from next February, for a half-year, she wants to study abroad in the United States. She was thinking about doing a solo, and it seems that the study abroad is for that purpose. While she visited the United States on occasion, because of her activities with KARA, she hasn’t been in a while, and it seems that is part of the reason why she decided on a study abroad.” 

The magazine also reported on Nicole’s alleged plans to start a bakery in Japan. “Nicole has a talent for baking bread and cookies, and has had the idea that she would like to sell her baked goods for some time now. She is already looking for a place in Shibuya,” and added that her mother currently has a Korean food place in Nakameguro.

Since she left DSP, there have been various rumors about Nicole studying abroad, starting solo activities, or starting a bakery, but nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet, including the report by Josei Jisin, which was based on the word of an anonymous entertainment official. We have yet to see what plans Nicole has for the future.