Boom, Andy, and Yang Sae Hyung’s Gambling Amounts and Fines Have Been Revealed

Boom (real name: Lee Min Ho), Andy (Shinhwa), and comedian Yang Sae Hyung have been charged with fines after being investigated for illegal gambling not too long ago.

On November 28, at the Seoul Central District Court, Boom and Andy were charged with fines of 5,000,000 won ($4700). Yang Sae Hyung, who gambled relatively smaller amounts, was charged with a fine of 3,000,000 won ($2800).

These three were not charged with quite as much as Tak Jae Hoon, Lee Soo Geun, or Tony Ahn, who had been investigated at the same time, as they didn’t bet nearly as much money. Andy had gambled around 44,000,000 won ($41,500), Boom 33,000,000 won ($31,000), and Yang Sae Hyung 26,000,000 won ($24,500), and they received the normal gambling fine, which is usually less than 10,000,000 won ($9,400). However, Lee Soo Geun gambled over 1,000,000,000 won ($942,000), and Tak Jae Hoon and Tony Ahn gambled over 400,000,000 won ($377,000), and they were charged with common practice.

On this, each celebrity’s agency said that they haven’t yet received notice from the court, and that they are deeply in self-reflection and regret, but they otherwise didn’t say much.

Tak Jae Hoon, Lee Soo Geun, and Tony Ahn’s first trial will be taking place on December 6 at the Seoul Central District Court.