Big Bang’s Seungri Was Nervous for His First Kiss Scene

Big Bang‘s Seungri had a sweet kiss scene in the Japanese drama “Yubikoi, Kimini Okuru Message.” 

“Yubikoi” is about young adults and how text messaging plays in their love lives. In the drama, Seungri plays the Korean foreign student, Han Seung Ho who is staying in the home of actress Takimoto Miori‘s character, Miu. Han Seung Ho wants to message his first love in Japanese, but because his Japanese is weak, he enlists the help of Miu to write the texts. Through this relationship, the two end up falling for each other.

Seungri also shared his thoughts on his kiss scene. “Because it is my first kiss scene, I was nervous. However, Takimoto was very cool. Because this was an important scene, I thought we would practice but we got an OK quickly. We shot the scene three times. My heart was pounding.”