Gary Gives Song Ji Hyo Piggyback Ride: Monday Couple Strikes Again!

The release of a teaser picture in which Gary gives Song Ji Hyo a piggyback ride is becoming a hot topic.

The “Running Man” members face off against this week’s guests, Lee Seung Gi, Han Hye Jin, and Sistar’s Bora, in the December 1 episode of SBS’s “Running Man.”

The “Running Man” members and their guests were involved in a race in which they had to deduce numbers from questions. In order to solve the secret behind the numbers stamped on the backs of their hands, the members had to go through a piggy back mission. Gary gave Ji Hyo a ride on his back, earning cheers of support from the people watching. Aside from the matching jackets, which the rest of the cast also donned, the Monday couple also had accessories with matching pink accents.

Be sure to catch this weekend’s episode of “Running Man,” airing at 6:10 PM on Sunday!