T-ara Reveals Emotional Second Teaser for “What Should I Do?”

Girls of T-ara have once again given us a taste of their upcoming song “What Should I Do?” and it definitely leaves us wanting more!

Two days ago, the first teaser video for “What Should I Do?” was released, and now Core Contents Media has revealed the second teaser of the song. While the previously released one showed us vintage-like clips of the girls in China, this one takes us back to year 2013. The members are standing and sitting around a street reminiscent of old Hollywood. However, their expressions are full of sad emotion, and the pleasant piano melody along with the sound of string instruments makes the atmosphere even more dramatic. Finally, member Jiyeon sings with her clear voice, “What should I do? I don’t remember anything now, I don’t remember anything, What should I do, If you suddenly act like you know me?” The teaser ends with Eunjung‘s high note and a beautiful but melancholic shot of the group.

According to the ending of the teaser, the full music video will be released on December 2, and the repackaged mini album will be available for purchase on December 4.

Stay tuned for more teasers and take a look at the most recent one below!