Comedian Shin Bora to Debut as Singer with Single “Frozen”

The talented comedian Shin Bora, who is also known for her exceptional singing ability, is finally set to debut as a formal singer with the release of her new single, “Frozen.

On November 29, YMC management announced that Shin Bora’s upcoming single “Frozen” will be released on December 2. The single has an emotional tone, and we will be able to hear Shin Bora’s true singing ability. The teaser for her new single was also released.

Shin Bora’s singing abilities became widely known through her comedy performances on KBS2‘s “Gag Concert.” Even though Shin Bora has sung onstage with other members of her popular comedy segment “Brave Guys,” she has yet to debut as a solo singer without any associated comedy acts. 

It was also reported that the MV will star BIA4‘s CNU and A Pink‘s Ha Young. Earlier this year, Shin Bora started dating fellow comedian Giri.