Cho Moon Geun Band Gives Us Sentimental Rock with “Blowing In The Wind” MV

Cho Moon Geun Band has put out its second digital single “Blowing in the Wind,” which is a sentimental rock piece.

The five-member Cho Moon Geun Band was formed by “Superstar K” season one’s runner-up Cho Moon Geun, and is made up of Lee Hong Hyu (guitar), Lee Jae Ha (bass), Lee Shi Young (Drums), Yang Seul Gi (keyboards) and Cho Moon Geun himself. The band debuted with “Please Say Something” earlier in September this year.

“Blowing in the Wind” is, as its name suggests, a song about memories of the past drifting in the wind, matching the melancholy sentiments of winter and its chilly winds. On the album jacket, there is an outline of a man with various drawings in his hair. A girl, a paper boat, flowers, a cake, headphones, are just some of the thing that represent memories. The hint of color adds a nice touch to the otherwise black and white image.

The band appears in the music video, playing beside a river. Their scenes are worked in together with the love story, in which the female’s face does not appear.

The song was co-written by Cho Moon Geun and Lee Kang Min, and arranged by the band themselves. Cho Moon Geun also produced the track, and was involved in directing, recording, and making the album jacket and music video.

Their label, Jungle Entertainment, also houses artists such as Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy, Leessang, M.I.B. and Jung In

Cho Moon Geun Band will show off their musical talents through “Blowing in the Wind.” Check out Cho Moon Geun’s mellow vocals and the band’s work in the music video for “Blowing in the Wind!”

And if you haven’t already seen the music video for debut track “Please Say Something,” check it out below!