History Takes You Behind the Scenes of “What Am I to You?” MV

Handsome boys of History have released a video that gives you a peek behind the scenes of their “What Am I to You?” music video!

On November 29, the video available with English subtitles was uploaded on Loen Entertainment‘s YouTube channel. To shoot their music video, the group travelled all the way to Berlin, Germany. For three whole days, they were occupied with filming and producing an impressive video for their song, and as can be seen from the clip, the boys did not hold back whenever acting, dancing, or posing. You can see the members taking on various distinctive characters and introducing their roles, but to brighten the mood, the boys also get goofy and tease each other to have some fun while working.

History made their comeback on November 28 by releasing their second mini album “Blue Spring.” Their title track “What Am I to You?” shows a darker and more serious side of the boys, and they are currently actively promoting the song.