Pictures of Hyorin’s Sexy “Crab Dance” Stirs Netizens Up

On November 30, sexy pictures of the newly turned solo artist Hyorin doing the eye-catching “crab dance” have been released on Starship Entertainment’s official Twitter page.

The revealing pictures were taken from the MV for Hyorin’s chart topping single “One Way Love.” One picture shows Sistar‘s Hyorin and eight back up dancers placing their hands on their thighs with their legs spread apart. The pictures certainly caused a stir among netizens, and some felt that the “crab dance” was too obscene and shocking.

Hyorin recently performed her new hit singles “Lonely” and “One Way Love” on the November 29 episode of Music Bank. She started off with the mellow acoustic song “Lonely” before she wowed the audience with the sexy choreography for “One Way Love.”

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