The Good, the Bad, and the Funny - The Heirs Episodes 15 & 16

I just realized that we have 2 weeks left until “The Heirs” ends..I’ll wait until everyone is done crying. No wonder all the action is coming in now, we have to get to that point when Won and Tan join forces to take down Chairman Kim. Dun dun dun! 

Daddy Kim Truly Is Evil

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This man wouldn’t care if his own children suffered as long as he feels like he’s “teaching” them a lesson. He made a fool out of Won and Tan at the shareholders meeting only to show them how powerful he is. Life is a game to him, and everyone around him are his game pieces and disposable. If he has to replace everyone on his game board, he will do it just so he can prove his superiority. He’s using Ji Sook, Jae Ho, and also Ki Ae. Kim Nam Yoon won’t be satisfied until he’s all by himself in life. Ki Ae will leave him, Ji Sook will take his money, and he’s already lost his own sons. He’s using the true feelings of real people to manipulate life into what he wants to be a reality. If Won would have chosen someone to marry, the cycle would repeat because he’d end up just like his father. 

Young Do Was 100% Right About Eun Sang

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If she did leave, then Young Do was correct in his assumptions about her. He said her face was that of a person losing someone and who was going to run. I had thought about this when Daddy Kim broke the news to Tan. Everything she was doing was leading up to her goodbye: Buying the couple shoes, hugging Chan Young and Bo Na, complying with Tan. She was saying goodbye to everyone. I kind of don’t blame her for her decision (if she left) because she’s also thinking about her mother. It’s not just about her; she has her mom and has to think about the both of them. 

Won Has Finally Cracked…Somewhat

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Seeing Hyun Joo work for Jeguk High and knowing what his father may do, Wonny may have finally broken his icy exterior. He goes to see Hyun Joo and tells her to go to the US for 3 years and he’ll go find her. Then tells her the reason: he doesn’t want her to see him broken like this and makes her promise not to read anything about him. She comes to understand and agrees. Won doesn’t want to seem weak in front of her; in reality she’s all he’s had for years, and he’s been very conflicted about whether or not to give it all up for her. I think knowing what his dad was capable of scared him so he never really stood up for himself. He broke down and hugged her; it was sweet and showed his vulnerability. 

So Much Rebellion…

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First Won and Tan now Hyo Shin and Rachel. These rich kids are all rebelling against their very dysfunctional families and trying to stand on their own. Hyo Shin skipped out on his exam and showed up to Chan Young and Bo Na’s party. Then he asked his parents to stop being abusive. Rachel cries and tells her mother to stop using her as business. The line she used is priceless: “Don’t try to sell me. I’m not this season’s newest item.” Looks like Rachel is finally fed up with her mother’s interference. I just love all these kids using different methods to go against their families. 

Secretary Yoon..Neither Enemy nor Ally

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Yoon Jae Ho has been a top secretary for Jeguk for some time and has managed to stay neutral in the business world. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone and only appears to be on someone’s side if it’s needed. Well, I guess that’s a bad thing since he was fired over it. Well, it would be thought over if he teaches Tan again. For some reason, it seems that he’s more on Won’s side than anything. He’s been feeding him bits of information for some time and has agreed to think about Won’s offer for a Vice President’s position if he beats his father. That’s a tough job, but if anyone is capable of a high job then it’s Jae Ho. He knows the most about the company besides the chairman. 

My Favorite Funny Moment

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Reporters are hounding students at Jeguk for any information about Tan when Eun Sang comes up and they start asking her questions. Young Do comes to her aid and declares himself the third son of Jeguk while Myung Soo says he’s the daughter, Myung Sook. Then leaves with Myung Soo calling him Oppa. The reporters ask each other why the kids there are weird. Hahaha

Last week’s question was a poll: Who are you favorite BFFL’s? The winners are: MyungBoYoung! 

This week’s question: Do you think Wonny and Tanny will truly be on each other’s side for the long run?

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