YoonA and Lee Bum Soo Get Close in New Stills from “The Prime Minister and I”

Intriguing stills of the upcoming KBS2 drama “The Prime Minister and I” have been released, giving fans some insight into the storyline.

One set of stills show YoonA and Lee Bum Soo getting close to each other with strong eye contact. We see a concerned Lee Bum Soo covering YoonA’s mouth, and it seems that he is saving her from something. This scene is supposedly the first time YoonA’s character feels her heart flutter for Lee Bum Soo.

기사 이미지

The other set shows YoonA disguised as a janitor to get an inside scoop on a story. It appears that she does not succeed in her mission, as she lays on the floor with a disappointed look on her face.

“The Prime Minister and I” premieres on December 9. YoonA plays the struggling reporter Nam Da-Jung who is prone to making mistakes. More stills and trailers for this new drama can be found here.