Fiestar’s Revealing Reality Show is Now on Youtube with English Subtitles

Episode one of Fiestar‘s new reality show with English subtitles can now be viewed on Loen Entertainment‘s Youtube channel. The new reality show titled “Channel Fiestar!” gives fans an intimate look at the lives of Fiestar members.

In part one, we see Fiestar’s version of the popular show “VJ Special Forces” with member Jei as our host. Members of Fiestar take us through their residence, tell us their beauty secrets and even show themselves with no make up!

In part two, the members of Fiestar film their own version of the popular dating show “Jjak.” Watch as the members go on blind dates and try to capture the hearts of men with their charms.

The final part of episode one is a music and talk segment where we get to hear about their passion for music. We also get to see fantastic live performances.

Fiestar’s new reality show can also be seen on SBS MTV!